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2001: a link odyssey

Andy here. I’ve been thinking about 2001 a little bit lately, perhaps because of our recent Prometheus review (they sort of share some common themes) or because I’ve run into a couple interesting links recently:

Behind the scenes photos (via)

Audio interview with Kubrick (via)

There’s also this interesting interpretation of the famous monolith (which has its own action figure).

Don’t forget the mashup with Pink Floyd’s Echoes:

I might have to watch the movie again soon. Anyone with me?

Episode 3 – Django Unchained, The Last Ride, Total Recall, review: Prometheus

It’s Episode 3! We talk about the latest Hasbro toy to get its own movie and watch the newly released trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained along with those for the Hank Williams biopic The Last Ride and the new version of Total Recall. We also do a super-mega review of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and offer our picks of the week. Plus BK’s neighborhood bagel shop owner has something to say about his review of Men in Black III. Questions or comments on the show? E-mail us at trailerpodcast@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @trailerpodcast. (We had a couple minor audio problems this episode–nothing unbearable, but it might take a couple weeks to fix. Hey, cut us a break! We’re still new at this!)

Full trailers…

Django Unchained (The Weinstein Company) — opens December 25, 2012

The Last Ride (Mozark Productions) — opens June 22, 2012 (limited release)

Total Recall (Columbia Pictures) — opens August 3, 2012

Viral marketing for Prometheus worth paying attention

During our discussion of Prometheus in Episode #1, I mentioned the viral marketing for the film. One of the things out there is a faux TED Talk featuring Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland, the head of Weyland Industries, which presumably is a precursor to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in the Alien films. Pearce plays an older Weyland in Prometheus, but in the TED Talk he plays a younger version in 2023, speaking about his vision for the future. Another video is a 30-second “advertisement” for David the android (Michael Fassbender), which for some reason I’m unable to find now or else I’d post a link.

But my favorite piece of viral marketing for the film is a video that I hadn’t seen yet when we recorded the podcast. It’s a two-and-a-half-minute version of the David ad that explains in more detail what David’s supposed purpose is. It is, in a word, amazing. If I like nothing else about this movie, I expect Michael Fassbender will be a shining bright spot.

Another remarkable thing about these videos is that, according to Damon Lindelof in an extended interview from the web show On the Verge, they aren’t part of the film itself. The dedication it takes from writers, cast and crew to create such compelling videos that will only ever be seen on the internet is admirable and another example of how marketing is changing in the digital age.

By the way if you’re looking forward to Prometheus–and if you have an hour–the On the Verge interview with Lindelof is worth a watch. In it he talks about the movie in great depth. He also discusses frankly how he personally handled (and is still handling) the polarized reaction to the Lost finale.

Episode 1 – Great Gatsby, Prometheus, GI Joe, review: Battleship

It’s our first episode! We talk about the nine-month delay for GI Joe: Retaliation and discuss its trailer along with The Great Gatsby and Prometheus. We also review Battleship (yikes!), talk Men in Black III with BK and offer our picks of the week. Questions or comments on the show? E-mail us at trailerpodcast@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @trailerpodcast.

Full trailers…

The Great Gatsby (Warner Bros.) – opens December 25, 2012 Summer 2013 (On August 1, 2012, Warner Bros. announced they would move the release to the summer of 2013.)

Prometheus (20th Century Fox) — opens June 8, 2012

GI Joe: Retaliation (Paramount) – opens March 29, 2013