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Episode 202 – The Accountant, Don’t Think Twice, Clown; What We’re Watching

Surprise! Dustin & Andy are back from a break with a look at a few new trailers. We take a look the Ben Affleck thriller The Accountant, Mike Birgilia’s new comedy Don’t Think Twice, and Eli Roth horror Clown. All that plus What We’re Watching.

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What We’re Watching…

Friday Night Lights 
This Magic Moment 
The Secrets of The Force Awakens (part of The Force Awakens special features) 
Pitch Perfect 2 (HBOGO)
Overnight (YouTube)

Lady Dynamite 
Documentary Now 
The Nice Guys (now in theaters)
X-Men: Apocalypse (now in theaters)

Full trailers…

The Accountant (Warner Bros. Pictures) — in theaters October 14, 2016

Don’t Think Twice (The Film Arcade) — in theaters July 22, 2016

Clown (Dimension Films) — in theaters June 17, 2016

Episode 16 – Flight, Wreck-It Ralph, This Must Be the Place, review: Bernie (repost)

[We (i.e. Dustin) effed up. Our previous posting of Episode 16 was silent after BK’s segment. Sorry! Here’s the episode reposted in its entirety.]

Cody is away this week, so our friend Aaron is filling in! We’re watching trailers for Flight starring Denzel Washington, the animated film Wreck-It Ralph, and Sean Penn’s new film This Must Be the Place. We also review Richard Linklater’s movie Bernie starring Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey. Plus, BK’s back! And in honor of football season, he talks about the classic Rudy.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 7:31 Trailer #1: Flight
7:31 – 20:53 Review: Bernie
20:53 – 28:26 Trailer #2: Wreck-It Ralph
28:26 – 34:12 BK talks Rudy
34:12 – 41:40 Picks of the Week
– Andy: Chaplin
– Dustin: Timecrimes
– Aaron: Friday Night Lights
41:40 – end Trailer #3: This Must Be the Place

Full trailers…

Flight (Paramount Pictures) — opens November 2, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph (Walt Disney Pictures) — opens November 2, 2012

This Must Be the Place (Relativity Media) — opens November 2, 2012

Gotta tighten up those errors!

Alright! The first podcast has been posted! You should listen or, more likely, re-listen to it! It’s super dope! What’s not super dope, though, are the silly little misstatements made by yours truly. Being the perfectionist mumbler that am I, I am writing this to rectify my horrible errors that stumbled out of my mouth. My apologies are heartfelt for the following:

  1. Rihanna’s character’s name in Battleship is Raikes and not Riggs, like I stated on the podcast. My ears, following the whimsy and want of my heart to associate Peter Berg’s incredible Friday Night Lights series with this turd of a movie, thought Rihanna was being called “Riggs.” I thought it throughout the duration of the movie and for days afterward. I’m sorry for this. Peter Berg has been removed from my list of filmmakers who would give tiny little winks to the fans of his earlier works in whatever current piece of junk he is birthing out of his birth hole.
  2. On Friday Night Lights, the quarterback from season 1 was named Jason Street and not Chris Street. Jason Street, the fictional character, ended his career too early with an on-the-field injury and Chris Street, Iowa Hawkeye basketball great, ended his basketball career too early with an off-the-court accident. Heavy stuff, I know. Go watch a movie to lighten up, already! I suggest this one.
  3. I forgot to mention the number one reason for watching Hatfields & McCoys: Tom Berenger. He plays Uncle Jim Vance who is a crazy, bloodthirsty hillbilly. But, as intense as that may sound, he looks like a dirty backwoods pimp with a shotgun throughout the entire miniseries! How can you not want to watch that!?

I apologize for all of these errors. I beg of our listeners, my mom and Dustin’s mom, to forgive me.