Episode 68 – Vine with special guest Woodsie

Vine celebrity (and our old friend) Woodsie is our special guest! We talk about the popularity of the Vine app, what people use it for, the kinds of videos you can watch on it, and how Woodsie came to be “Vine Famous.” We also reminisce about our college days together, making goofy TV shows for the campus cable channel.

Follow Woodsie on Vine at username “Woodsie” and on Twitter @woodsie_tv. Below are some of Woodsie’s Vines that we talk about in the podcast (and a couple of Dustin’s that Woodsie was kind enough to mention). (Refresh the page if you don’t see anything.)

Also check out Hollywood & Vines, a short film featuring a collaboration of Vine filmmakers (including Woodsie) that aired recently on the Sundance Channel.