Episode 70 – The Railway Man, Oldboy (2013), The Last Days on Mars, review: Oldboy (2003)

In this episode, we watch trailers for the drama The Railway Man starring Colin Firth and the sci-fi horror The Last Days on Mars starring Liev Schreiber. We also review the 2003 Korean revenge film Oldboy and watch the trailer for the upcoming American remake directed by Spike Lee. We also share our picks of the week and spend a little time revisiting some of our past picks.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 1:05 Welcome
1:05 – 9:40 revisiting past Picks of the Week
9:40 – 15:56 Trailer #1: The Railway Man
15:56 – 23:17 review: Oldboy (2003)    
23:17 – 31:51 Trailer #2: Oldboy (2013)
31:51 – 38:10 Picks of the Week…
– Andy: The Kids Are All Right   
– Dustin: Rifftrax Live – Night of the Living Dead  (live Thursday, October 24 – theater & ticket info)
– Cody: Shameless (U.S.)  
38:10 – end Trailer #3: The Last Days on Mars

Full trailers…

The Railway Man (Lionsgate) — coming soon

Oldboy (FilmDistrict) — RED BAND trailer — in theaters November 27, 2013

The Last Days on Mars (Magnet Films) — in theaters December 6, 2013

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