Episode 69 – Grudge Match, Nebraska, Zero Charisma, review: The Fall

In this episode, we watch trailers for Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in the comedy Grudge Match, Bruce Dern and Will Forte in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, and Nerdist comedy Zero Charisma.  We also review the BBC crime drama series The Fall starring Gillian Anderson, share our picks of the week, and Cody and Andy try to teach Dustin the fine art of Grand Theft Auto V.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 0:53 Welcome
0:53 – 10:09 Cody and Andy geek out on Grand Theft Auto V
10:09 – 15:45 Trailer #1: Grudge Match
15:45 – 28:00 review: The Fall  
28:00 – 33:41 Trailer #2: Nebraska
33:41 – 41:47 Picks of the Week…
– Andy: Grand Theft Auto V (Amazon)
– Cody: Luther: Season 3  
– Dustin: Derek  
41:47 – end Trailer #3: Zero Charisma

Full trailers…

Grudge Match (Warner Bros.) — in theaters December 25, 2013

Nebraska (Paramount Pictures) — in theaters November 22, 2013

Zero Charisma (Tribeca Film/Nerdist Industries) — in theaters October 11, 2013

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