Episode 59 – Gravity, 12 Years a Slave, Seventh Son, review: The Expendables 2

SPOILER WARNING: In this episode, we broke from our usual policy and let slip one fairly big spoiler about the death of a character in The Expendables 2. But if you watch the movie, you can see it coming from miles away…seriously.

In this episode, we watch trailers for the George Clooney/Sandra Bullock thriller Gravity, the slavery-era epic 12 Years a Slave, and the fantasy adventure Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges. We also review the next installment in the all-over-the-hill action hero franchise, The Expendables 2, and our good friend BK joins us to talk about our go to movies for “background noise” or killing time. Plus we have our picks of the week.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 1:39 Welcome
1:39 – 6:34 Trailer #1: Gravity
6:34 – 22:18 review: The Expendables 2 (SPOILER WARNING)    
22:18 – 26:53 Trailer #2: 12 Years a Slave
26:53 – 36:11 “Background noise” movies (with BK)
36:11 – 44:52 Picks of the Week…
– Dustin: Kumare    
– Cody: Rosemary’s Baby    
– Andy: Who Framed Roger Rabbit    
44:52 – end Trailer #3: Seventh Son

Full trailers…

Gravity (Warner Bros.) — in theaters October 11, 2013

12 Years a Slave (Fox Searchlight) — in theaters October 18, 2013

Seventh Son (Warner Bros.) — in theaters January 17, 2014

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