Episode 44 – Hemlock Grove, Before Midnight, The Conjuring, review: This Must Be The Place

While the cat is away… the mice will review trailers! Dustin had ‘work’ (read: Red Dwarf marathon) so he couldn’t join us. So Andy and Cody plow ahead without their fearless leader and welcome their significant others: Aimee and Neena. What could possibly go wrong? We review the trailers for the new Netflix series Hemlock Grove, Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight, and the paranormal horror The Conjuring. We also review This Must Be The Place starring Sean Penn, as well as our picks of the week.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 6:14 Welcome
6:14 – 13:23 Trailer #1: Hemlock Grove
13:26 – 24:42 review: This Must Be The Place  
22:53 – 30:45 Trailer #2: Before Midnight
30:44 – 42:29 Picks of the Week
– Andy: Dustin’s Vines on Twitter (also dustinal on Vine app)
– Cody: The Girl Who Played with Fire    
– Neena: The Gatekeepers  (In Theaters)
– Aimee: Big Fish  

42:29 – end Trailer #3: The Conjuring

Full trailers…

Hemlock Grove… coming to Netflix this April.

Before Midnight… in theaters May 24.

The Conjuring… in theaters July 19.

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