Episode 43 – Oblivion, The Lords of Salem, Despicable Me 2, review: House of Cards (Season 1)

What’s happ’nin’? In this episode, we start off with a preview of the summer movie season.  Then we watch trailers for the newest trailer for Tom Cruise’s sci-fi actioner Oblivion, Rob Zombie’s horror flick The Lords of Salem, and the animated sequel Despicable Me 2.  Plus we review Season 1 of the Netflix original series House of Cards and offer our picks of the week.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 7:58 Summer Movie Preview
7:58 – 13:23 Trailer #1: Oblivion
13:23 – 24:42 review: House of Cards, Season 1  
24:42 – 30:44 Trailer #2: The Lords of Salem
30:44 – 38:29 Picks of the Week
– Andy: Dave Grohl’s SXSW 2013 Keynote Address (YouTube — FREE)
– Dustin: The X-Files    
– Cody: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel  (HBO GO)
38:29 – end Trailer #3: Despicable Me 2

Full trailers…

Oblivion (Universal Pictures) — in theaters April 19, 2013

The Lords of Salem (Anchor Bay Films) — in theaters April 19, 2013

Despicable Me 2 (Universal Pictures) — in theaters July 3, 2013

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