Episode 42 – World War Z, 42, InAPPropriate Comedy, review: Red Dawn (2012)

DON’T PANIC. In this episode, we’re watching the second trailer for World War Z, along with one for the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 and the Shamwow guy’s InAPPropriate Comedy. Why the “APP?” Why not? We also review last year’s remake of Red Dawn, talk about our worst movie-going experiences, and offer our picks of the week.

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Show notes…

0:00 – 7:44 Worst movie-going experiences
7:44 – 12:07 Trailer #1: World War Z
12:07 – 20:18 review: Red Dawn (2012)  
20:18 – 26:53 Trailer #2: 42
26:53 – 35:45 Picks of the Week
– Cody: Spring Breakers (in theaters now)
– Dustin: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  
– Andy: Hitchcock  
35:45 – end Trailer #3: InAPPropriate Comedy

Full trailers…

World War Z (Paramount Pictures) — in theaters June 21, 2013

42 (Warner Bros.) — in theaters April 12, 2013

InAPPropriate Comedy (Freestyle Releasing) — in theaters now

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