Episode 26 – Interview with Roger Nygard

NuqneH!1  Since the guys are still in a turkey coma, I (Andy) arranged something special: an interview with Roger Nygard.

I’ve been a fan of Trekkies since I saw it in the theaters in 1999. I even snagged one of the movie posters, which we have on the wall.

Roger’s credits include: documentary filmmaker (Trekkies, Trekkies 2, The Nature of Existence), TV editor (The League, Curb Your Enthusiasm),  TV director (The Office, The Bernie Mac Show), and feature film director (High Strung, Suckers).

See here for his IMDB page, and here for his Wikipedia page. Here’s his official website and his website for Nature of Existence.

Here’s Nature of ExistenceTrekkies and Trekkies 2 on Netflix. (Trekkies DVD here, streaming rental on Amazon here)

The podcast runs about 53 minutes. Live Long and Podcast!

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