Episode 192 – Bastille Day, Midnight Special, Mother’s Day; Dustin finally sees… Rocky; review Creed

Creed (Warner Bros.)
Creed (Warner Bros.)

In this episode, we watch trailers for a British action thriller starring Idris Elba called Bastille Day, a new sci-fi with Michael Shannon and Kirsten Dunst called Midnight Special, and Gary Marshall’s latest holiday-based…thing…called Mother’s Day. Plus Dustin Finally Sees… Rocky, and we review Creed. All that and What We’re Watching.

Dustin Finally Sees... Rocky
Dustin Finally Sees… Rocky

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What We’re Watching…

– Cody: Deadpool (now in theaters) / The Witch (now in theaters)
– Andy: Pawn Sacrifice  / Life of a King 
– Dustin: The Walking Dead, Season 6.5 (AMC

Full trailers…

Bastille Day (StudioCanal) — coming soon

Midnight Special (Warner Bros.) — in theaters March 18, 2016

Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day) — in theaters April 29, 2016

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