Episode 170 – Our Brand is Crisis, Krampus, The 5th Wave; review: Mr. Robot – Season 1

Mr. Robot - Season 1 (USA Network)
Mr. Robot – Season 1 (USA Network)

In this episode we watch the trailers for the political drama-comedy Our Brand is Crisis with Sandra Bullock, the holiday horror-comedy Krampus, and the young adult sci-fi The 5th Wave. We also review season 1 of Mr. Robot and talk about What We’re Watching.

SPOILER WARNING: We talk about a LOT of spoilers for Mr. Robot. If you haven’t seen the entire season and are even thinking of watching it, skip the review! It runs from 15:20 to 30:20 in the episode.

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What We’re Watching…

– Andy: Overcast podcast app (official website)
– Dustin: Terminator Genisys (coming soon to home video)
– Cody: O – Cirque du Soleil (official website)

Full trailers…

Our Brand is Crisis (Warner Bros.) — in theaters October 30, 2015

Krampus (Universal) — in theaters December 4, 2015

The 5th Wave (Sony Pictures) — in theaters January 15, 2016

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