Episode 11 – Cloud Atlas, The Good Doctor, Frankenweenie, review: Total Recall

Andy is away this week, so our friend and Trailer Home blogger Rua graciously steps in as guest co-host! Movie News returns in this episode as we talk about The Great Gatsby’s move from Christmas to next Summer. We also watch the “supertrailer” for Cloud Atlas and the “regular but still just fine” trailers for The Good Doctor and Frankenweenie. Plus we review the new remake of Total Recall and offer our picks of the week.

BK was unable to join us again as he remains on location in upstate New York, but he sends his best and will be back with us soon!

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Show notes…

0:00 – 4:28 Movie News (Great Gatsby moves to Summer 2013)
4:28 – 10:46 Trailer #1: Cloud Atlas
10:46 – 23:03 Review: Total Recall
23:03 – 27:40 Trailer #2: The Good Doctor
27:40 – 36:41 Picks of the Week
– Dustin: Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
– Rua: anti-pick… Rubber
– Cody: Mesrine
36:41 – end Trailer #3: Frankenweenie

Full trailers…

Cloud Atlas (Warner Bros.) — opens October 26, 2012

The Good Doctor (Magnolia Pictures) — opens August 31, 2012

Frankenweenie (Walt Disney Pictures) — opens October 5, 2012

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