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‘The Walking Dead’ season 2 hits Netflix

If you still haven’t seen The Walking Dead, don’t worry–we won’t judge you! But seriously…you should be watching it, and now you have fewer excuses not to.

Season 2 of the hit AMC show has just been added to Netflix Instant. You can also watch the entire series on Amazon Instant Video. If you start watching now, you’ll have a good two weeks to catch up before Season 3 premieres on October 14.

And if you have seen the show and love it (and a lot of people have and do), you could get the Season 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray release on Amazon–if you’re into the whole “zombie head with a screwdriver jammed into its eye on your entertainment center” thing.

Sequeltology: A tournament of movie sequels

The 32-movie field of sequels from Grantland. Click to see larger image.

The people at Grantland have come up with something they’re calling “Sequeltology,” a tournament to determine the greatest movie sequel of all time. Winners in the week-long tournament of 32 movies will be determined by Facebook votes. (One could ask why they don’t do this in March when, you know, people usually think about tournament brackets, but oh well.)

Some top-of-my-head, way too analytical reactions to the seedings…

  • Lord of the Rings II & III are seeded way too low at 6 and 8, respectively, although one could argue they have an unfair advantage as they were “planned” sequels. The rest of the field, for the most part, are sequels that came about just because the originals were successful and their studios wanted to milk the proverbial cash cows.
  • Maybe the movie is too fresh in my mind for me to be objective, but I think The Dark Knight Rises is also too low at a 6-seed. I’d put it closer to a 3 or a 4.
  • European Vacation (4-seed) and Christmas Vacation (8-seed) should switch seeds. In fact I would argue European Vacation shouldn’t have even made the tournament. It’s a bubble team at best. It must have gotten an automatic bid by winning its mid-major conference tournament or something.
  • If this is a true tournament of movie sequels, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom shouldn’t be in it because it’s a prequel. Come on, Grantland!