About Us

The Trailer Home Podcast is a movie, trailer and TV review show out of Des Moines, Iowa featuring Dustin, Cody, Andy and BK. We’re not experts–just a group of friends who like watching movies (and who often make fun of them).

The show is a hybrid of two previous projects…

In 2001, when all of the guys were in college at Iowa State University, Dustin and another friend Sean started a movie review show on the student-run cable TV channel and called it The Trailer Home. Ironically the show’s panel only discussed movies and not trailers, but Dustin and Sean thought it was a clever title anyway. All of the guys were involved with the show as discussion panelists and/or behind the scenes. It ended after a year when the guys started graduating and went their separate ways. #teardrop

In 2006 Andy, Cody and BK reunited for a podcast called The James Gang. (All of their middle names are James–again with the clever titles!) The show featured the guys discussing everything from sports to video games to movies and whatever was on their minds at the time. Eventually the show ended, and BK moved on to bigger and better things in New York City. #sobbing!

In May 2012 Dustin, Cody and Andy began batting around the idea of a new podcast about movies. Since they all have day jobs now, they don’t have as much time to go to the theater as they used to, so they decided to discuss movie trailers and TV, too. Through the miracle of Skype, BK was able to join in for his own special segment. On June 1, 2012, the guys debuted The Trailer Home Podcast (named in honor of the old TV show–and this time the pun actually sorta works!).

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